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The Preferences dialogue allows you to change the Simulator parameters. You can find it in the ON pop-up menu: AltO Preferences…

Press OK or Apply to activate the new settings for the current session. The settings are not saved on the hard disk and therefore not made persistent until you save the current session. If you have unchecked Save on exit (see below), you must save the current session manually by pressing CtrlM.

The following items can be set in the dialogue box. Default values are used if no memory file is found at start-up.


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Help File Browser

This setting allows you to set the browser used to display the online help.

When you start the Simulator for the first time, or if no browser is set, the Simulator checks for available browsers in all directories specified by the environment variable "PATH". If available, the operating system's default method to open a Web page is added at the top of the browser list. This results in the following list of possible browsers per operating system:

Platform Browser list
UNIX/Linux firefox chrome mozilla opera konquerer
Mac OS open firefox safari chrome opera
Windows start firefox safari chrome mozilla opera iexplore hh


All browsers found are listed, and the first one in the list is set as the help file browser. You can choose another browser from the list or you can select one using the Browse… button

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